Value-Added Services



Value-Added Services


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Create peace of mind for buyers -- and let us take care of the details. Leaky faucets? Carpets need cleaning? Need fresh paint? Just a few examples of our impressive package that covers many improvements with little or no cost to you. We use a "Marketability Scorecard" to thoroughly review your home and show you areas that can be improved upon to have a more successful scale. Not sure where to start? Our team provides you with a punch list that is prioritized to help guide you in preparing your home for sale and decreasing your stress.


Welcome the buyers with beauty! Experts agree, your home's curb appeal is a critical component in marketing and selling your home. It is also one of the most frequently neglected items. First impressions make all the difference and set the tone for the entire experience of viewing your home. We take care of that for you! Whether it is adding more color, trimming & weeding, or adding a layer of fresh bark, we have you covered. With our teams years of experience, we know exactly what to do to make your home more saleable.




Maximize results! We'll make your home simmer, shimmer and shine! Studies show you get MORE $$$ and a quicker sale with professional staging. Already have a home full of furniture? No problem! Our stager will provide you with a free consultation and work with your existing furniture to enhance the appeal of your home to the buyer. Oftentimes, it is simply a matter of removing a few pieces and tweaking the arrangement that makes all the difference. We know that the function of furniture wile you are living in your home is not the same as the function when you are trying to sell your home for the most money possible.